Every Muddy Shoe Team Adventures includes 3 basic elements: A pre-program consultation, the adventure experiences and facilitated discussions, and a post-program follow-up call or meeting. We are also proud to offer extended options for your group to deepen the experience and continue the process of transformation and growth even after the adventure has ended. Learn more about what is included in your Team Adventure below!


Every MSA Team Adventure is a fully customized combination of physical adventures, cultural experiences, facilitated discussions, and work sessions developed exclusively for your team. Regardless of the specifics of your MSA Team Adventure — desired outcomes, program location and length, adventure activities, etc. — every MSA Team Adventure package is embedded in our larger Organizational Development program model that includes:



We'll spend time with you in person or over the phone to identify program goals and objectives, discuss preferred program location and adventure activities, and talk through other parameters such as time constraints and budget limitations. This process helps inform the overall program design and choice of destination and adventure activities. For an additional cost, we offer a more in-depth consultative process during which we would work directly with your team to explore the many opportunities and challenges you are facing and get a better handle on the organizational culture and atmosphere within which your team is operating. All of these layers of information help us design the perfect adventure program for you!



Your team will be challenged by adventure activities such as hiking, kayaking, rock-climbing, etc. Whether your MSA Team Adventure lasts a day or a week, your team will be tested to push their comfort zones and think, act, and communicate in new ways! MSA Team Adventures include:

  • The adventure activities
  • Most food and beverages (alcohol excluded)
  • Ground transportation as necessary
  • Lodging during the program
  • All MSA-led workshops and discussions

Throughout the Adventure Program, MSA Program Leaders will work with your team utilize these experiences as catalysts for performance improvement and leadership development. Your team will engage in powerful group discussions, purposeful yet fun group activities, and personal reflection all aimed at identifying key lessons learned and empowering you to apply those lessons to real workplace challenges and opportunities.



Just because the adventure is over doesn't mean our work is finished! After every MSA Team Adventure, we'll work with you to help ensure the integration of the learnings into the workplace. Depending on the length and nature of the program and your specific goals, this follow-up meeting could take place over the phone or on-site. As you will see below, we are proud to offer extended engagement opportunities for you to work with our team of coaches, consultants, and facilitators.


If you loved your Muddy Shoe Team Adventure and want to continue to deepen your learnings and growth with on-going MSA Organizational Development program options, we are proud to offer additional continued services for your team:



Executive Coaching

Most MSA program leaders have extensive backgrounds in Executive Coaching and are happy to continue to work with you and other members of your executive team on an individual basis as you continue to strive for personal and team performance improvement.

Personal & Professional Development Coaching

Just as our Program Leaders can work with your Executive Team to help them improve their performance, we are proud to offer individualized personal and professional development coaching for other team members as well. This personalized attention typically focuses on leadership development, management skills, and emotional intelligence.



Our leadership development approach is grounded in the idea that team performance and productivity is anchored in the achievements and leadership capabilities of individual members. With this in mind, the MSA Team can put together a powerful leadership development program for your group that starts at the individual level and culminates with an integration of the many talents and skills necessary for a high-performing team. 



Sometimes, one post-program meeting is simply not enough. We can work with you to develop an on-going relationship with your MSA program leaders or other members of the MSA Team that will focus on the continued exploration of the adventure program and the subsequent integration of the many lessons, learnings, and action plans into your workplace. 


Please Note: These optional programs and services are not included in the price of a MSA Team Adventure and would incur additional costs.