Team Adventure Themes & Objectives

Our Program Leaders have decades of experience as organizational consultants, executive coaches, educators, and leaders in Fortune 500 companies. Drawing on this experience, and your team's goals and objectives, we are able to deliver a custom program designed exclusively for your group. Common program themes include:

Collaboration & Team Building

Team and organizational productivity — and thus performance and the bottom line — often hinge on how well a group works together. Through our Team Adventures, we can work with your group to increase collaboration, enhance group dynamics, and improve overall performance. 

Creativity & Innovation

Ever heard the phrase 'This is just how we do it here'? Yep, we have, too. We will work with your group to use their adventures as a way to shift perspectives and break out of the 'this is the way things have always been done' mentality to explore creative and innovative ways of tackling the challenges and opportunities you are facing. 

Cultural Competence

In the ever-expanding world of global business, cultural competence is a critical skill to possess. Our experts will help you use your Team Adventure as a way to build cultural competence. You will be able to identify, better understand, and utilize cultural similarities and differences to create better bottom line results. 

Intergenerational Communication

One of the foremost challenges facing many businesses today is figuring out how Millennials and Boomers can work together more effectively. Our Team Adventures can foster increased understanding and — more importantly — help identify common values and goals that will bridge the generational gap between these groups. 

Leadership Development

Leadership is the backbone of any successful organization. The problem? Too many people in leadership positions don't have the requisite skills they need to effectively lead their teams. Our Adventures will help your team members identify, understand, and leverage their personal leadership skills and style to drive team and organizational performance.

Vision & Strategic Planning

As philosophers have reminded us many times throughout the centuries, everything is created twice: Once in the mind and once in reality. Our Adventures can be the catalyst for inspiring your team to create a unified vision of the future state that you aspire to AND offer them the time, space, and support to create a strategic plan for making that vision a reality.


Note: These themes are a mere sampling of some of the more common objectives we have found for our Team Adventures. We will work with you and your team to define your goals and objectives for your Adventure, and will customize a handcrafted Adventure built exclusively for your group. 

Incentive Programs

Looking for a unique way to reward some of your high-achievers? Don’t just send them on a vacation — Send them on a MSA Incentive Program! They’ll have incredible and life-changing adventures while exploring the world, building leadership skills, and collaborating with others. These programs are ideal for attracting new talent, inspiring employees on to greater heights, and increasing retention rates and employee engagement.